B2B Services

From tissue culture to distillates, we are here to support other cannabis-based businesses.

Oils and Extracts

Why use EXKA’s extraction services ?   EXKA is committed to produce high quality pharmaceutical grade cannabis oil, extracts and distillate   Consistent, stable and reliable products for customers   Toll extraction services with a customer focus approach   Purpose-built state-of-the-art cannabis extraction facility   Unique scientific know-how   Extraction technology that produces clean, sterile and unoxidized cannabis oil   Complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP and euGMP) EXKA’s White Label bulk cannabis oil products :   Crude oil (full spectrum)   Distillate   Novel Formulations of Cannabis Extracts EXKA’s cannabis extracts can be used to manufacture :   Pharmaceutical products   Wellness products (food & beverage, nutraceutical, cosmetic, health care, animal heath)   Recreational products (vape pens, edibles)

XK Brand in Bulk

Having developed a variety of formulations and products for recreative and medical consumers, EXKA offers bulk sales of our XK Brand to cannabis retailers and medical consumers across Canada.

Clone & Teen Supply

EXKA produces and sells cannabis plant clones and teens :   True-to-type   Pest, pathogens and contaminant free   Vigorous   Well characterized and documented   Lab Tested and approved Advantages of micropropagation :   Maintain genetic stability   Rely on stable, uniform, vigorous, high quality starting material for better yield and performance   Reduce incidence of plant pathogens   Reduce or eliminate mother rooms   Increase overall profitability by improving revenues and reducing costs Elite Varieties :   Licensees in the cannabis industry know that certain genetic profiles are better suited to their specific needs. EXKA therefore invites you, dear licensees, to choose from a multitude of exclusive and sought-after varieties. You will have access to general genetic information such as cannabinoid levels, terpene profiles, average yield, cultivation techniques and much more.   Once you have chosen the genetics you want to grow, Exka can supply clones and teens through the process of micro-propagation. EXKA wants to be your partner from the beginning to the end.

   Some genetic profiles are valuable acquisitions for licensed companies… To secure this possession, EXKA is committed to cleaning, storing and micro-propagating your genetics in our plant tissue culture laboratory. Feel free to contact us to discuss Your Clone in the Cloud.

Tissue Culture Services

01 . Genetic storage – YOUR CLONE IN THE CLOUD™   EXKA offers genetic storage services by maintaining client varieties in its clonal repository   Clones are kept in perpetuity in aseptic, stable and environmentally-controlled conditions and propagated on demand to fit production schedules   Genetic material maintained off-site represents an insurance policy by insuring the long-term preservation of valuable varieties

02 . Specific-pathogen testing and viral elimination services

03 . Genetic fingerprinting services   Ensures the traceability and stability of your genotypes

04 . Germplasm audit services by bringing plants into flowering and documenting their characteristics

05 . Viral Elimination   Rejuvenate your varieties by eliminating viruses, diseases, and pathogens

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