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XK Oral Sprays

Intended for ingestion, EXKA markets 3 finished products of cannabis oil in 20ml oral sprays.
This unique device in Quebec, provides a precise and reliable method of administration.
The 20 ml oral spray container is pharmaceutical grade including the actuator integrated into the pump for a precise and safe dosage of 0.1 ml.
Part of the design of these atomizers include a concave bottom which ensures maximal use of oil for the user.

XK Bottled Oils

Intended for ingestion, EXKA markets 3 finished products of cannabis oil in 30 ml bottles,
administered by an oral syringe without needle.
Products offering an accurate and reliable method of administration.
The oral syringe in the 30 ml bottle provides an accurate dosage (0.1 ml).

100% made in Quebec

Our oral sprays and bottled oils come from our cannabis extraction laboratory located in Mirabel, Quebec in the Lower Laurentians region. Specializing in genetics and high-quality extraction to produce high-grade cannabis products. Our facilities are built to extract cannabis flowers grown in Quebec. The cannabis biomass, design, packaging, processing and production of bottled atomizers and oils come from Quebec companies. Exka is therefore a player that contribute actively to the local and provincial economy.

Environmentally friendly products

Our bottles, oral sprays and their packaging are 100% recyclable (grade 2 and 5 plastics) and accepted by municipal recycling programs in Quebec. Bottles are eligible for the SQDC recycling program. The packaging is of reduced size contributing to improve the ecological footprint. Our CBD and THC distillates are formulated with 100% neutral organic coconut medium chain triglyceride oil without a distinctive aroma or aftertaste.

Why XK ?

The X in the XK brand represents excellence and expertise in the extraction of cannabis manufactured in
Quebec. The K in the XK brand represents knowledge about cannabis.