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In 2018, EXKA made the choice to offer cannabis extracts rather than focusing solely on growing and selling dried cannabis. Because we believe in the magic of science, we’ve introduced Quebecers to pharmaceutical-quality products. That was our commitment, and we’re still working with a number of partners to provide essential products for medical cannabis.
We’ve evolved with the Quebec and Canadian markets, learning from the consumers of our products. We now produce flowers in Mirabel. As demand is high, EXKA also works with Quebec microproducers to obtain the finest flowers available on the market.

1. Product diversification: By focusing on extraction, EXKA can produce a wider range of cannabis products such as hash, oils and even rosin. This enables the company to respond to a wider variety of consumer needs and preferences.

2. Added value: Extracted cannabis products generally have an interesting added value. When these products are of pharmaceutical quality, they also represent crucial added value for users.

3. Growing market: The market for extracted cannabis products is booming, with increasing demand for these products. By positioning itself as a producer of cannabis extracts, EXKA can capitalize on this trend and capture a growing share of the market.

4. Health benefits: Some extracted cannabis products, such as CBD oils, are renowned for their potential health benefits. By specializing in extraction from the outset, EXKA has been able to position itself as a supplier of cannabis products focused on wellness and health, which can attract a specific segment of consumers.

5. Competitive differentiation: By focusing initially on extraction, EXKA distinguished itself from other authorized producers who concentrated mainly on cultivation. In a market where there is an overproduction of flowers, EXKA has been able to stand out in the marketplace to attract the attention of consumers looking for more specialized, high-quality cannabis products.

In short, by specializing in the extraction of cannabis products as of 2018, EXKA now benefits from strong product diversification and very high added value in a growing market. All this competitive differentiation exists for the sole benefit of a demanding clientele who want to consume safe products to enjoy all the magic of science.


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