3.5 g Temple Ball Hash
THC content 225-285 mg / g
CBD content 120-180 mg / g

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Description :

   Melon Krypt 91 Variety

   Rotating Single Strain Hash to provide variety-specific attributes such as smell and terpene profile.

   This 30 % high-THC cannabis concentrate is balanced with our premium hemp CBD.

   Our ‘Temple Ball’ format allows best aging.

   Malleable & sticky hash that won’t dry out when exposed to air.

Profile : THC & CBD concentrate, recreative use, medical use

  Incomparable, this product, presented in the form of a Temple Ball, distinguishes itself as a professional grade 30% THC hashish for true connoisseurs and seasoned consumers. It’s appearance, texture, aroma, and melt are on point. The overall observation is that this product is a true to the art in experience from beginning to end. Created with selected genetics to create a powerful bouquet of terpenes, the burn and smoke is smooth, yet strong and complex in flavors.

Side Effects : Red eyes, dry mouth

CAUTION!  This high intensity product is to be consumed in small quantities. When inhaled, the effects appear as early as 90 seconds and can last up to 2 to 3 hours after consumption, sometimes longer.

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