XK INDICA 350 : 350

11.7 mg / ml of THC and 11.7 mg / ml of CBD in 30 ml bottle
This bottled oil contains :
11.7 mg x 30 ml = 350 mg of THC  &  11.7 mg x 30 ml = 350 mg of CBD

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Description :

 Intended for ingestion, XK Indica 350 : 350 is a balanced THC & CBD of indica dominant distillate, formulated with organic coconut oil.

  Our extraction techniques achieve a potency of 11.7 mg/ml of THC and 11.7 mg/ml of CBD.

  Each package of XK Indica 350 : 350 includes a 30 ml THC/CBD bottled oil and an oral syringe graduated from 0.1 ml to 1 ml so consumption can be safely controlled.

Profile : THC and CBD blend, medical use, smoke-free, odourless

Typically consumed to reduce anxiety, regulate appetite, enhance sensations, and heighten mindfulness by helping in relieving pain and inflammation.  Balanced formulas are sometimes better remedies to help consumers with certain ailments, and this is a perfect blend of CBD and THC that offers users a smoke-free experience.  This all-natural, formula is geared toward consumers who appreciate the lasting effects of high-quality THC and CBD oil blends on their minds and bodies.

Side Effects : Red eyes, dry mouth

CAUTION! The effects may take 30 minutes or longer to appear and may last up to 8 hours or occasionally longer. We strongly recommend beginning with a small amount oil and waiting a few hours before taking more, if desired. Do not smoke, heat, or burn this oil!

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