25 mg / ml of THC in 30 ml bottle
This bottled oil contains :
25 mg x 30 ml = 750 mg or 0.75g of THC

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Description :

  Intended for ingestion, XK Sativa 750 is a high THC distillate formulated with organic coconut oil.

  Our extraction techniques achieve a potency of 25 mg/ml of THC.

  Each package of XK Sativa 750 includes a 30 ml THC bottled oil and an oral syringe graduated from 0.1 ml to 1 ml so consumption can be safely controlled.

Profile : THC distillate, recreative use, smoke-free, odourless

Traditionally used to reduce anxiety, stimulate appetite, enhance sensations and heightened mindfulness including inspiration, creativity, and pleasant eating…  Geared towards consumers who appreciate the general, lasting effects of high-quality THC oil on their minds and bodies.  An all-natural, safe, and sophisticated remedy, this oral spray is the perfect choice for THC users who prefer a smoke-free and discreet experience.

Side Effects : Red eyes, dry mouth

CAUTION! The effects may take 30 minutes or longer to appear and may last up to 8 hours or occasionally longer. We strongly recommend beginning with a small amount oil and waiting a few hours before taking more, if desired. Do not smoke, heat, or burn this oil!

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