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At EXKA we believe that cannabis offers exciting careers. Cannabis speaks to you? Here are the jobs currently available. Please send us your CV.

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Equal opportunity

We’re interested in your talent

At EXKA, we firmly believe in equal opportunities for all in the hiring process. We place the utmost importance on the skills and experience of candidates, putting aside all forms of discrimination. We are proud to promote diversity and offer everyone the opportunity to make the most of their talents and contribute to our shared success. At EXKA, the “employee experience” is at the heart of our values.


All our positions are currently filled. We invite you to submit your CV, as we are growing fast. We may need your talents very soon.



The EXKA method

At EXKA, our hiring process follows several steps to ensure a fair and rigorous selection of candidates.

1. CV reception: We begin by receiving CVs from candidates interested in the position. We pay particular attention to relevant skills and experience.

2. Shortlisting: After carefully reviewing the CVs, we shortlist the candidates who best match the job criteria. We assess qualifications, skills and cultural fit.

3. Interviews : Shortlisted candidates are invited to attend one or more interviews with our recruitment team. These meetings can be by telephone, videoconference or in person, depending on the circumstances.

4. Skills assessment: In some cases, we may ask candidates to take tests or assessments to evaluate their specific skills related to the position.

5. Reference checks: Before making a final decision, we contact the references provided by applicants to obtain additional information on their experience and skills.

6. Offer of employment: If a candidate is selected, we make a formal offer of employment, including details of the position, remuneration and benefits.

7. Integration: Once the offer has been accepted, we work with the candidate to plan his/her integration into our company. This can include administrative formalities, specific training and presentation to the team.

At EXKA, we are committed to providing a transparent, professional and fair hiring experience for all candidates, ensuring that every step of the process is carefully respected.






Working at EXKA?

Fred Gallant


I love working at EXKA. I’ve always had a passion for extraction and purification processes, which led me to pursue my studies in Chemical Engineering.
I’m responsible for product development and innovation. I’m very proud to have worked with my team to create the first rosin to be available in Quebec. Si la science du cannabis vous passionne, EXKA est la bonne place.

Samuel Bilodeau


I’m Director of QA/QC Compliance at EXKA. After completing my bachelor’s degree in bioresource engineering, I immediately started working in the cannabis industry. After a few months with another producer, I had the opportunity to join the EXKA team. I take on a lot of new challenges, because the industry is in its infancy, and EXKA allows me to innovate at every stage of the value chain.

Be daring!

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