XK Consumer Products

Discover our medical and recreational product lines . . .

XK Oral Sprays

For active consumer who are on the move. Find your perfect formulation with these on-the-go devices.

XK Bottled Oils

Offering a reliable method of administration for consumers who appreciate the lasting effects of high-quality oils.

XK Haschich

Created with a single strain to curate a powerful bouquet of inviting terpenes, the burn and smoke is smooth yet complex.

XK Clone & Teen Supply

Intended for medical grow licence holders, our clones and teens provide strong starter material for home medical growers. Our rotation of our genetic varieties available provide a constant source of elite strains.



To reach our most elevated standards of quality, no efforts are spared to continually revise, improve, and upgrade our processes, products, and services.


We are developing methods and products that are best suited to this dynamic and budding cannabis industry, while maintaining the highest degree of product consistency.


We focus on excellence in everything that we do and strive to advance the science that will continue to lead towards outstanding product and service developments.