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Genetics play a crucial role in choosing a cultivar for the legal cannabis industry. Good genetics guarantee desirable characteristics such as THC content, disease resistance, productivity and aroma profile.

Potency is a key factor for cannabis consumers, and good genetics make it possible to produce plants with high THC or CBD content, depending on market needs. What’s more, solid genetics make it possible to develop disease-resistant varieties, reducing the risk of crop losses and plant treatment costs.

Productivity is also an important criterion, as growers seek to maximize their yield. Good genetics produce high-yielding plants, which translate into higher profits.

Finally, the aromatic profile is essential for consumers looking for specific flavors and aromas. Good genetics make it possible to produce cultivars with distinct aroma profiles, which can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Good genetics are essential when choosing a cultivar for the legal cannabis industry, as they guarantee desirable characteristics sought after by consumers.

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Jérôme Brassard-Duperré

To find out all you need to know about clones, you can consult the XKtalogue in PDF format and then talk to our specialist.
Jérôme Brassard-Duperré.


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