Extract Value from Plant Residues from the Cultivation of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes​

Purposes L. Fiset-Sauvageau, J.F. Vermette, J. Gendron, W. Durand.

EXKA wishes to extend its approach by integrating the recovery and responsible treatment of plant residues generated by its activities. Hundreds of cannabis producers already generate this type of residue in Canada and must dispose of it at great cost given the presence of traces of cannabinoids. With the recent legalization of cannabis, the industry has not yet found an optimal economical solution to treat and / or eliminate its residues. Exka intends to demonstrate to its customers and stakeholders that it is a responsible company concerned with minimizing the volume of residues from this new sector of activity. Eventually, Exka could become a leader in the processing and resale of plant residues from the cultivation of cannabis. Exka asked the CTTÉI to characterize plant residues from the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes and to obtain indications leading to the transformation and / or repurposing of this new type of residue. The CTTÉI has the expertise, the team and the infrastructure to support Exka with this mandate. If necessary, the CTTÉI may have recourse to the expertise of the Biopterre center, which has all the accreditations for handling regulated biomass.